B.T.S Bujang Tampan Selamba Live Episod TV9 Drama

Watch the new sitcom on TV9, B.T.S. (Single. Handsome. Sloppy) every Wednesday, 9.30pm.

SHOWING DATE: 23 Jun 2021
BROADCAST TIME: Wednesday, 9:30 p.m.
ORIGINAL IDEA: Fadzliniza Zakaria
SCRIPT WRITER: Anwawr Affiq Noor Rashid
DIRECTOR: Haizren Mohd Esa
PRODUCTION: FZ Studios Sdn Bhd
CAST: Ms. Man, Bell Ngasri, Hafidz Roshdi, Ebby Yus, Atu Zero, Razak Ahmad, Anas Ridzuan, Rosnah Mat Aris, Nadzmi Adhwa, Ardell Aryana, Shuk Sahar, Aishah Azman, Sharif Zero, Kamarul Eqifshah, Kak Girl, Lia Natalia

Ustaz (Ms. Man), Tommy (Bell Ngasri) and Razak (Hafidz Roshdi) are three singles living in a rental house owned by Malik (Ebby Yus) in Kuala Lumpur. Each has a different background and tries to adapt to each other. Even so, they remained faithful to live together and became good friends.

Ustaz is a friendly person, easy to entertain and liked by many. She works as a teacher teaching the subject of Islamic Education in secondary schools. Ustaz attaches importance to religious knowledge and always reprimands Tommy and Razak's mistakes by giving tazkirah, translation of hadith as well as reciting and teaching tajwid suddenly and sometimes making them depressed.


Tommy is a straight man, confused and loves to talk. He works as a technician but is not skilled at doing electrical wiring work. He is also often scolded for liking to make rubbish. Tommy has high self -confidence and always wants to give help even when the situation always turns out to be more difficult.

Razak is a person who is very concerned about his appearance and considers himself very handsome. He worked as a salesman because he was good at talking and always sweet -spoken among women. However, Razak is also a ‘prickly leg’ and likes to exaggerate the situation.


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