Drama Camelia Live Episod TV3

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Camelia Live Episod TV3

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Camelia Drama

Terbaru High Quality HD Drama.

Look forward to the drama series ‘Camelia’ which will be broadcast on TV3’s Samarinda slot. Starring Saharul Ridzwan, Diana Danielle, Ain Edruce and Hafidz Roshdi. Directed by Eoon Shuhaini. Will meet the audience starting Jan. 16, every Monday through Thursday at 10 Pm

EPISOD : 15 episod
TARIKH TAYANGAN : 16 Januari 2020.
PENULIS SKRIP : Azlina Pa’wan
SIARAN TV : Slot Samarinda TV3
WAKTU SIARAN : Isnin-Khamis, 10:00 malam
PELAKON :Diana Danielle, Ain Edruce

Tells the story of the life of a family that is broken due to the behavior of children who like to flirt.

In 1999, 3 siblings, Malik, Mariam and Marina lived with their parents, Halim and Zainab, and their maternal grandmother, Tok Su. They are not rich families, working in leased fields.

Mariam has been depressed since she was a child because she is always looked down upon by her grandmother, Tok Su. Tok Su often prefers his sister, Marina who is said to be very beautiful compared to himself.

Although her mother, father and adopted brother, Malik was on Mariam’s side, she was still depressed. Marina’s crime also traumatizes Mariam. The constant stress and trauma that followed has caused Mariam to have a ‘split identity’.

Malik who eventually became Mariam’s husband had to try to get Mariam back before Camelia took full control of Mariam’s body. Malik hopes that the power of love they both nurtured since childhood can defeat ‘Camelia’.