Fried Rice Recipe October (2021)

This classic fried rice recipe is loaded with fresh mixed veggies and aromatic spices for an incredibly hearty, flavorful vegan dish. Hands-down this is one of our favorite Chinese-inspired recipes. Not only is vegetable fried rice amazingly easy to make from scratch, it’s a naturally vegan dish that’s as good for you as it is delicious to eat. You can even tweak veg fried rice to be gluten-free simply by using GF-friendly soy sauce or tamari.

About this recipe

And although Chinese fried rice is a healthy option, it is loaded with lots of exciting flavors. Salty, umami, and savory soy sauce is balanced with spiced star anise, and raw scallions add a great pop of freshness you’ll love. Otherwise, I’ve kept the ingredients list rather basic to allow each element to shine – the veggies really are the star here! Fried rice with mixed veggies can be enjoyed by itself for a satisfying lunch, but it does go great with rich, saucy main dishes. This recipe rivals even the best take out options, and I’m sure you will enjoy making it often as part of your Indo-Chinese meals. Stir-frying at high heat in a cast-iron skillet or wok imparts a bit of smoky flavor and aroma. Though a stovetop in your home kitchen, cannot compete with the heat and temperature of the stovetops in Chinese restaurants, you can still make a
great homemade fried rice.Fried Rice Recipe October (2021)

I do not add Ajinomoto, but you can include it if you are comfortable with it. The umami, smoky flavors in my fried rice recipe come from stir-frying at high heat and adding mushrooms, toasted sesame oil to the dish.

How to make Fried Rice Prepping and Cooking Rice

1. A great vegetable fried rice recipe begins with well-cooked white rice. To do so, first, soak 1 cup of basmati rice (190 to 200 grams) in water for 30 mins. Then drain and set rice aside.

TIPYou can opt for a good quality aged long-grained rice if you do not have Basmati rice. Jasmine rice will also work in a pinch.Fried Rice Recipe October (2021)


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